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The Beach is Just the Beginning

Just 17 degrees north of the equator and basking in delightful tropical temperatures year-round, the beautiful island of Antigua lies at the heart of the Leeward Islands in the Caribbean. Those in the know will tell you that Antigua is home to 365 stunning beaches – that’s one for every day of the year. And at Villa Omard you are never far away from the island’s finest beaches.

The island has tempting attractions away from the beaches, like the pastel-washed waterfront boutiques and restaurants of the capital, St. John’s, and the yachtsman’s paradise and Georgian charm of Nelson’s Dockyard. Then, there’s the pleasure of golf at Antigua’s two golf clubs, scuba diving over coral reefs, deep sea fishing, water sports and on land – rain forest zip-lining, shopping, casinos, tennis, cycling, horse riding and more.

Devil's Bridge


Shirley Heights.jpg

Shirley Heights


Fort James.jpg

Fort James


Cedar Valley Golf.jpg

Cedar Valley Golf Course


Nelsons Dockyard.jpg

Nelsons Dockyard



365 Beaches, take your pick!

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